Common Drug Testing Methods

08 Jun

Addiction to drugs is a serious health threat to an individual and the entire society. Abuse of drugs has so many effects including ruining families, destroying lives of youngsters and leading to loss of productivity at workplaces. Some testing methods are available to test for drug abuse. These methods find out if there are drugs present in the saliva, sweat, blood, urine or hair.

One of the methods is urine drug test. It a simple, reliable and effective way of determining whether there are metabolites and substances in the urine. You can identify some drugs if you do urine testing accurately.  It is simple to conduct urine testing in homes schools, colleges, and offices. You can detect a drug that was used in the last 2-7 bdays with the urine test method. There are some onsite urine testing kits which can be used to test if some drugs are present at once and give the results instantly. In doing this test, ensure that there is supervision when collecting the urine sample.

Mouth swab drug test provides an effective way to detect drugs that were used in the last few hours. This method also provides evidence of the presence of drugs that were used. The testing is simple to conduct t at home, at schools, and in the offices. Chances of altering the results are very minimal since the tests are done in front of everyone. It is straightforward to use most of the saliva kits, and it takes a short time for the results to be released. Saliva testing tests drugs that were used in the last 48 hours. For any concern regarding with different kind of drug testing visit this site

Spray testing test the abuse of drugs for the past few weeks or more. This method is applied when other techniques like urine testing cannot detect substances that were used for more extended periods. It is a very effective method, simple to conduct a non-invasive. It offers a more extended period of detection if substance.

Hair drug test method can give a history of abuse of drugs for up to 90 days. In this method, you use a small sample of hair to analyze the presence of drug molecules that are deposited in the hair. Since there is blood nourishment of the hair, the substances end up getting into the hair. For a person who is completely bald, their hair can be collected from other places. This method of testing is usually very accurate.

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